IMG_0078Improving services in every neighborhood.

Strong neighborhoods are vital to every prosperous city. That’s why Jeff Williams is focusing City Hall on improving the basic city services that improve our everyday lives. His vision includes a stronger focus on transportation, improving parks and libraries, and stronger code enforcement to maintain the quality communities we can all be proud of.

Leading for quality public schools.

Jeff Williams believes schools of excellence are key to our future and for two decades he’s worked with Arlington ISD to improve classrooms and increase graduation rates. As our Mayor, Jeff has continued to work closely with our school districts, private schools, colleges, and universities to forge partnerships and initiatives to best educate Arlington’s next generation.

SONY DSCProtecting our tax dollars.

As a successful businessman and engineer who has managed budgets and met payroll, Jeff has brought a fresh perspective to how our city funds are used, providing a fiscally responsible approach to protect taxpayers. Working with his colleagues on the City Council, there has been an intensive effort to find and cut unnecessary spending.

Attracting economic growth & high-paying jobs.

Jeff Williams has used his experience as past Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce to attract economic opportunity to all parts of Arlington. His focus has not been on the low wage jobs that provide little benefit to working families, but rather high paying professions that help grow our middle class and provide economic security.

Stronger police & fire protection.

Jeff Williams is working to keep big city crime problems away from our neighborhoods. This starts with making sure our police and firefighters have the tools they need to stop gang and drug violence, and protect our families during a fire or medical emergency.