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Jeff Williams. A tireless leader who is getting things done for Arlington.

Jeff Williams met his wife, Karen, in college while earning his Engineering degree. They moved to Arlington 30 years ago where they raised their three children and are active members of First Baptist Church of Arlington where Jeff has serves in numerous leadership roles. Karen is an active school and community volunteer, holding many leadership positions over the last 30 years. She is also a Bible Study Fellowship Leader in Arlington. Their three children graduated from AISD and their oldest daughter taught first grade at Rocquemore Elementary in the AISD for 3 years.

A results-driven businessman.

A successful engineer and businessman, Jeff Williams has brought a fiscally responsible, CEO-style of leadership as our Mayor. To better protect taxpayers, he is working closely with the City Council and city staff to find bureaucratic inefficiencies and reduce unnecessary spending.

The past Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Jeff is using his extensive experience to attract new businesses and development, providing high-paying jobs and economic opportunity to all parts of Arlington.

The integrity we need at City Hall.

Honest to a fault with the highest ethics, Jeff Williams has provided a calm, seasoned voice of leadership to build consensus and bring people together to get things done for our community. Jeff’s leadership qualities are the reason he’s been Arlington’s go-to-guy when non-profits, charities and grassroots leaders need a hand.

Jeff is working hard to improve the basic city services that strengthen our neighborhoods, help small businesses, and improve our everyday lives. His vision includes a stronger focus on education, transportation, and jobs, while also improving parks and helping police and firefighters protect our families and seniors.

A deep passion for Arlington.

Jeff Williams believes schools of excellence are key to our future. That’s why for two decades he’s worked with Arlington ISD to improve classrooms and increase graduation rates. As our Mayor, Jeff has continued his commitment to our students and teachers.

Having raised a family and grown a business in Arlington, Jeff has a vested interest in making our community the best it can be. He is a recipient of the Vandergriff Community Leadership Award for his volunteerism with countless organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, YMCA, PTA and River Legacy Foundation.