Mayor Jeff Williams.
Getting results for Arlington.

We have come together as a city to accomplish so much over the past four years. Arlington’s economy is booming with 6,000 new jobs. Our small business community is thriving. We’ve cut our property tax rate. And, we repaired 45,000 potholes last year alone. It would be an honor to have your support, and let’s continue to capitalize on the incredible momentum our ‘can-do’ city is experiencing by thinking big, being more efficient, and utilizing our incredible residents.
— Mayor Jeff Williams

Strong advocate small business.

As a small businessman, Jeff Williams understands how important it is for City Hall to work closely with entrepreneurs. Under Jeff’s leadership, Arlington streamlined permitting processes, fostered relationships between large and small businesses, and added a small business liaison to city staff to improve customer service for our job creators. 


Improving basic city services.

When Jeff was first elected, he set out to strengthen neighborhoods, improve basic city services and protect taxpayers. After just two terms in office our police and fire services are ranked among the best in Texas while 45,000 potholes were filled in just one year. He helped accomplish all of this while twice reducing our property tax rates to provide much-needed help to homeowners who have seen their property values increase in recent years. 


Innovative & forward thinking.

For Arlington to prosper for our next generation, Jeff knew City Hall had to take a more aggressive, forward thinking approach. So, he rolled up his sleeves and worked with business and community leaders to attract 6,000 new jobs to our city in just one year. He then opted for cutting edge transportation solutions like autonomous vehicles and ride sharing to help reduce traffic and provide citizens with alternative transportation options. 


Leading for quality education.

For two decades Jeff Williams has worked with Arlington ISD to help teachers, increase graduation rates and prepare students for college or career. As Mayor, he has continued his commitment to education by forging partnerships and initiatives with our school districts, private schools, colleges, and universities to provide students with the real world job skills they will need to succeed as adults.


Safer neighborhoods throughout Arlington.

As a husband, father and grandfather, having safe schools and neighborhoods is a personal priority for Jeff Williams. That’s why he works closely with our police officers and fire fighters to make sure they have the support and tools they need to fight violent crime, stop gangs and drug dealers, and protect families during fire and medical emergencies.